Credit & Background Check Services

Do you need to do a credit and background check?

The background and credit check process will ensure that your tenants will be safe and the value of the property will be maintained. In addition, checking a person’s past history will reflect the future and you want to know you will receive your income check monthly.

  • Review credit report
  • 90 point criteria for approval of credit and background check
    • The background check includes sex offender, felony and misdemeanor search. The services are paid for by the potential renter. A written report and approval or denial letter will be uploaded to our online management system. A recommendation letter from Horizon will be provided.

Items Horizon verifies on background & credit checks:

  • Full credit check with score
  • Eviction history
  • Bankruptcy, judgments, liens
  • Criminal background history
  • Social security verification
  • Birth date
  • Sex offender status checked
  • Collection services
  • Employment & rent history

Credit Check FAQ


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