Credit Check FAQ

In what areas do you run the background check?

All counties in every state, Interpol, and FBI.

Is a sex offender conviction an automatic rejection for the rental?

Yes, along with any felony convictions within the past six years.

Who is able to see our personal information on a credit check?

No one but the security company has your information.

Can I get a copy of my report?

Yes, but only in person with an ID.

 What if there are mistakes on my report that should not be there?

Along with a report you will receive a toll free number for the screening agency for any questions or comments.

How long is a credit and background check good for?

Horizon Property Management requires that the reports must be less than six months old and done by a reputable firm.

Are the owners of the property able to review my report if I am going to rent?

No, they are not able to see the backup information but do receive a recommendation from us along with the criteria which was used for the recommendation.