Vendor Resources

Thank you for your interest in joining the Horizon Property Management Co. vendor pool. It is imperative that you understand upfront that we uphold a high standard of service for not only those directly employed be our firm but also with any third party vendors in which our clients enter into a contractual agreement. We expect all work to be completed on-time, at the cost agreed upon at contract and with the highest quality of workmanship afforded. Your work is a direct reflection on our company and we take pride in our performance.

Prior to the beginning of any service being performed we must collect specific legal information from your company. You’ll find these to be standard issue with most property management companies. Please note that failure to provide complete information will prevent Horizon and all associations managed by Horizon from using your services or from paying your invoices in a timely manner.

If you believe your firm is capable of meeting Horizon’s standards, fill out our Online Vendor Application. You may also contact our office at 847-986-4024 and request that a packet be mailed to you.

Thank you again for your interest in working with Horizon.

Vendor Packet Requirements:

  1. Vendor Information: (questionnaire from Online Vendor Application)
  2. Proof of Insurance: Vendors must supply Horizon with a separate Certificate of Liability Insurance for each Association in which you are doing business. The certificate must verify that your company maintains a minimum of $500,000 in General Liability and Worker’s Compensation and include both Horizon Property Management Co. and the association(s) as additionally named insured.
  3. W-9 Form: “Request for Taxpayer Identification,” a standard form issued by the IRS required by companies that hire independent contractors.
  4. Waivers for any invoice exceeding $5,000: Horizon requires partial and final waivers for all invoices exceeding $5,000 except recurring maintenance expenses delineated in a service contract such as snow removal or landscape maintenance. Partial waivers are required with each progressive invoice.  A final waiver is required upon receipt of final invoice. To avoid payment delays, the waivers should be sent with the corresponding invoice.
  5. References (Optional): A list of three homeowner association clients in which you have done previous work. Please list the Association President or other Board member’s contact information.